About NannyBest.com

Welcome to NannyBest.com web site, it is great to have you here with us.

NannyBest.com was founded and rise from our need and search after a Nanny & Au Pair for our kids. For 9 years, we have Nannies and Au-Pairs living with us, taking care after our 3 adorable kids.

But finding the right Nanny or Au Pair, was never be a simple task and always involve with weeks of massive search using Internet websites that purported to help us finding the right Au Pair or Nanny, the one that will be reliable and trusted person, the one that you can count on looking after our children. but many times we fail although all those promises.

So, we decided to have our own portal that will enable us to put-in our experience and help others to find a better match for Nanny, Au Pair with a Host Family.

This portal is all about helping families with Search for Nanny and Au-Pair, and help Nannies and Au Pairs finding the best host family to work with. Our goal is to rise a Child Care Social Network Community with a lot of benefits and information that will help families, Nannies, Au-Pairs, Babysitter and all others how deal with Child Care in there every day job, to get the knowledge and improve there skills and be better people.

We just start up our Portal with the basic tools for helping Nanny, Au Pair with finding the right Host Family.
In time, we are keep on working on improving and adding more tools and benefits for the Child Care Community. We are welcome all of you to send us a feedback and let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions that can contribute and improve our Child Care Community Portal.

Safety for both Nanny, Au Pair and Families is very important for us, so we set up a group of trained workers that checked all posts on a daily basis searching after unwanted persons, Impostors / Pretenders and scams, discovered and delete them from our database.

In addition to that,
All your communications with our website are secure (HTTPS Everywhere) by default !

Most of them get discovered and deleted within 24 hours, But if you believe you find any Invalid data, wrong data or misinformation, Please do not hesitate and contact us as soon as you can with the information regard to the problem so we can look into it and do what is need to be done to correct the information or remove it from the website database.

We DO NOT claim to act as agents and assist you as Au Pair/Nanny agency, If you like to have an agency service, you can find website links and addresses of AuPair agency in our portal.

We always keep improving our service, security and search functionality to improve the service for users benefits.
Please contact us for any questions or clarifications needed.