Traits you need to become an au pair

Being an au pair is not an easy job. You are exposed to all that is happening to you host family's life, including all the drama, the tantrums and the negative things. When the job you thing was all happy turn to this kind of scenario? What should you do

An Aupair to host family relationship and vice versa has a lot of reasons to be successful. There are a lot of factors that contribute to it being successful. Although there are times that the relationship does not go very well, there are some traits that an aupair has to have in order to increase the possibility of her relationship with her host family to be successful.

  • You should be interested in children

Traits you need to become an au pair

A burning and selfless love for children is not necessary to be an au-pair, but you have to have a general interest in them at least. As an aupair, you’ll be left alone with the kids all day, and you’ll do that for the rest of the days that you are with that family. If you find that children annoy you in general, then being an au pair is not for you. You have to at least be interested in them, and know how you can be a part of their lives and activities.

  • You should have an interest in the family too

Just the same way as needing to have a general interest in children, you should also have the best interest of the family at heart. This means that you should show them that you are willing to be a part of their family and you are not just there just for the foreign experience. A big mistake that some au pairs commit is that when their shift is done, they immediately retreat to their room. What they do not know is that, it gives out a negative effect on the family when they do that. So you have to try to mingle with the family even when your shift is over. After all they have invited you to their home to be a part of the family.

  • Patience

This may be the number one rule when dealing with children. You have to have patience. How else are you going to go through all the crying, the fights, the tantrums and all the meltdown if you are not patient enough? You don’t have to worry though, because dealing with children has a great reward afterwards. All your tiredness and weariness can easily be stripped off, just by having the children hug you and say how much they love you. Knowing that you are appreciated erases the fact that what you are doing is tiring.

Remember these three traits when you are trying to be an aupair. These traits are what will increase you chance of having a good relationship with your host family. Remember, being an au pair is not only about traveling and getting to know other cultures. It is introducing you to the culture of your host family, how can you have a healthy relationship if your relationship is not a good one in the first place, right? Take time to adjust to your surroundings and be more open to changes and differences from your culture. This way you can be more accepting about what your host family is like.

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